WAKE UP call for All Smokers!

The corona-virus is not just a threat >> It’s an opportunity! << *Use Covid-19 as motivation to Quit Vaping & Smoking*
The COVID-19 pandemic offers every smoker and vaper with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to quit: a wake-up call.
The novel virus causes a respiratory disease that is worse with lungs that are already vulnerable, whether because of age or disease.
Lungs are also made vulnerable by smoking and vaping.

Smoking and vaping bring hot chemical-filled vapour into the lungs, inflaming the cells. The hot vapour harms the hair-like cleaners in the lungs, preventing them from efficiently moving mucus and other debris out. Smoking and vaping also impede the lungs’ defence system, operated by white blood cells and lymphocytes. The addictive property in the chemical soup, nicotine, also harms lung cells.
Vaping products usually contain nicotine and sometimes vitamin E acetate which has been associated with severe lung injury.

Smoking, vaping makes the lungs more vulnerable to COVID-19.
Many vapers are young. The U.S. Surgeon General has said that vaping might be the reason that young people are suffering seriously from corona-virus.

Young vapers often share the vaping device. Because, the virus can be transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces, shared vapes will facilitate transmission. Both smoking and vaping involve repetitive movement from hand to mouth creating a transmission route for the virus.

Now is the time to quit. The benefits arrive almost immediately.

When you feel like smoking or vaping, you might try distraction — like washing your hands, exercise, distracting your thoughts,… Applaud yourself for adopting a healthier lifestyle — particularly during this pandemic.

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