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Welcome to the latest, the most advanced Laser Bio-therapy, the solution to your life challenges

Shaping Dream to Reality

Do you dream about healthy and effective ways how to Stop Smoking, without any side effect.

Want to Stop DietingStart Losing Weight, Stop Stressing .

Knowing more about holistic Nutrition, Reflexology, Energy Therapy…How to reduce and manage stress…How to Relax and yes, feeling awesome.  LaserMind Ltd, uses only the best and proven Advanced Laser technology with highly impressive results which ultimately increase your chances of success and your satisfaction. Using this unique and effective method makes your life changes so smooth, since it is specifically tailored to our needs and satisfaction with unbeatable success and enjoyable experience.

This wholesome therapy combined with your desire to feel great again will make your dreams come true.

Since stress could be a major contributor to addictive behaviour or any challenges in our lives. It can be greatly decreased and  managed with customized therapy made just for You.

The resolution with great benefits is here.

  • Special and Unique

    LaserMind Ltd, uses only the best and proven Advanced Laser technology with highly impressive results which ultimately increase your chances of success and your satisfaction.

  • Satisfaction and Success

    Using this unique and effective method makes your life changes so smooth since it is specifically tailored to your needs and satisfaction with unbeatable success and enjoyable experience.

Our Expertise

  • Weight Management

    Activating Auricular-energy points on your body with advanced pure laser beam will bring an instant feeling of well-being and relaxation with decreased desire to over-eat.

  • Quit Smoking

    The Low Level Laser Bio-therapy has been proven and effective in most countries around the world. By combining it with special Auricular-therapy, it delivers the most impressive results completely naturally.

  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is a healing art based on the principle that there are areas on the feet, hands and ears known as reflex zones which correspond to every organ, and the part of the body. 

Customized therapy exclusively made for You

The resolution with great benefits for new You.  Let your body, mind and spirit to be balanced and feeling great.


What our clients say about us!

“I have to say Thank You, as I am a non-smoker. I have been smoking for 21 years and tried to quit smoking dozens of times with all kinds of methods. Nothing worked for me, and I always found myself cheating all the time. Once, I got serious about quitting and tried the laser treatment, I felt relaxed with no desire to smoke at all.”

“Thanks Beata, you really changed my life with your advanced laser Bio-therapy, counseling & Support you provided me for the rest of my life. Thank you many times!”


” Yes I did it! The whole process was relatively smooth with great support. I had no withdrawal symptoms and I feel great most of the time (98%).”


“I have been a smoker for 29 years and I think without laser treatment I would not have done it! I had no withdrawals. I would be lying if I told you I haven’t thought about it. I have to keep my hands busy, that helps. Beata, Thank you for freeing me from my addiction to tobacco. It is stinky, expensive and no longer acceptable habit. Finally I am Smoke Free and really, really enjoy it! ”


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