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Love what you do & do it with passion or not at all

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Wellness therapist

Specializing in
Advanced Laser Bio-therapy,
Addiction, Nutrition,
Reflexology/Energy Therapy/Reiki

Laser/stop smoking
Certified *with Holistic Approach*.

Combining strong passion in natural healing to bring the very best in my client’s lives, optimize their well-being with my experience, education, ongoing upgrades and unsurpassed effectiveness of the newest state of art laser on the market right now.


Experience an exceptionally high success with clients, who made up their minds and honestly want to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. Helped many clients with their struggles and addictions to live healthier and happier lifestyle they truly deserve.


Above all, I am pleased with your interest and success you will ultimately find in my unique, amazing, wholesome and highly effective therapy.

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